The BoozerBeam Difference

Every BoozerBeam™ is made of the strongest, densest kiln-dried Southern Pine available. Furthermore, we’ve worked closely with Borden Chemical© to develop the ultimate waterproof adhesives. Our expert craftsmen combine these elements to produce a glulam beam that is pound for pound stronger than steel.

Every BoozerBeam™ is quality inspected and certified by The American Institute of Timber Construction (AITC) – the proven symbol of quality in engineered timber for over four decades.

If the only beams you stock are BoozerBeam™, our engineering and design staff will do whatever it takes to find a quick solution to any problem, on-site or on the drawing board.

Fast. Knowledgeable. Well-equipped. That pretty much sums up BoozerBeam™ service. Try it out for yourself.

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The Ad Campaign

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