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About Us

Boozer Laminated Beam Company

Boozer Laminated Beam Company was founded as a lumber brokerage business by Elbert and Hinton Boozer around the beginning of World War II. Government need for bridge timbers helped transition the firm into a thriving lumber manufacturing concern.

The company’s growth was remarkable, and in 1958, William R. Owsley married the daughter of Hinton Boozer and joined the company, going on to become President and CEO. Owsley became aware of the growing popularity of glulam beams in the construction industry. His extensive research into this specialized manufacturing process in the Pacific Northwest resulted in machinery being built for glulam manufacturing in Northeast Alabama. This led to the very first BoozerBeamTM.

Hinton B. (Bud) Owsley joined the company in 1981, committed to his father’s philosophy of solid customer relationships and production of the highest quality products. In 1996, the company became a licensed, qualified manufacturer of high strength Southern yellow pine glulam beams. This product, the 2.1E High Strength Structural Glulam, is one of the strongest softwood engineered wood beams in the world.

As President and CEO, Bud has led the way in product diversification by creating wood products solutions for our wide customer base. Our commitment to excellence in quality, service and support have enabled our longstanding membership in The American Plywood Association (APA).

We are ready to meet your needs with the highest quality products, and our partnership approach to business results in world-class service and satisfaction for all of our partners.

Copyright 2023
Boozer Laminated Beam Company, Inc.

Copyright 2023
Boozer Laminated Beam Company, Inc.